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Step Moving Grate Stokers (Biomass Combustion System )Description:

Our chain grate stoker combustion system and reciprocating grate stoker combustion system are used  together with 1-160 t / h, thermal power of 0.7-112MW for biomass boilers,industrial boilers, garbage waste incineration burners of energy electric power plants, organic heat carrier furnaces, hot air drying furnaces and other relative burner products.

Step moving grate stoker furnace industrial boiler(Biomass Combustion System Boiler)has been widely used with rapid development of biomass fuels in recent years .

Moving step grate combustion system consists of alloy reciprocating grate,submerged ash conveyor,primary underfire air,hoppers,ash dicharge hopper,foundation,fuel feeder,lower combustion chamber,fuel gas outlet,upper combustion chamer,emergency stack outlet,refractory lining,feed screww conveyor,throat air box for second air.
Moving step alloy bar is made using the 28% material chrome alloyed , very resistant to both wearing and temperature. The moving grate bars are controlled by dydraulic cylinders when burning biomass fuels in the combustion system. And the primary air is fed below the reciprocating grate bar,also the biomass combustion system is build out of refactrory lining, and the thickness of 360mm

If comparing the travelling chain grate, Step grate&pulsating grate stoker has  a greater advantage when burning the fuels such as corn cobs, rice husk, wood ships,nuts, fibers (EFB),palm shells ect. This step grate will do reciprocating motion through the hydraulic transmission. It enables the fuel to uniformly move ; it carries out the fuel feeding , slag discharging regularly. Our factory produces and supplies moving grate stoker(step grate) using very good material such as High Chrome Alloy Steel Grate Bar.please check the photos:

step grate

step grate stoker boiler