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Our chain grate stokers and reciprocating grate stokers are used  together with 1-160 t / h, thermal power of 0.7-112MW for biomass boilers,industrial boilers,garbage waste incineration burners of energy electric power plants, organic heat carrier furnaces, hot air drying furnaces and other relative products.

The Chain Grate Stoker (also named travelling grate stoker) is an efficient burner , it is used widely with fuels like rice husk, Coal, bagasse, ect. It applied mostly in the steam boilers, the hot water boilers ,the thermal oil boilers,characterizing reasonable structure, very reliable performance , very convenient installation. Picture below is Chain grate stoker , Live-core type chain grate stoker.

chain grate stoker travelling grate stoker boiler travelling gratechain grate boiler

      Main performances and characteristics of chain grate:
The chain grate is a mechanization equipment applied mostly in organic carrier furnace,with the application of organic carrier furnace in more industrial fields,our company has developed various chain grate stokers matched with organic carrier furnace series products.the series products adapt light chain grate and reasonable air distribution device and also strengthen the seal at both sides of chain fire grates as well as configuring reasonable front and back arch.It features strong suitability in combustion and reasonable air distribution for combustion and quick fire starting.Operation practice provided that combustion heat value is about 18840 kj/kg.Soft coal with more than 20% of volatile amount and mixed coal can be combusted normally. Moreover it can also combust waste industrial materials such as wood block, sugarcane residual,etc.

     Structure of chain grate and combustion processing of chain fire grate:
The chain grate consists of coal hopper,base including assembling door of fire grate,air adjusting device,front axis device,fire grate device,rear axis device,fire door( poking a big fire) and so on.

     Combustion processing in chian grate furnace:
The combustion mode of chain fire grate is movable fire bed combustion. With the moveable fire grate,coal will drop from hopper onto fire grate.The thickness of coal layer can be adjusted by coal gate. The air needed combustion will be entered from low part of fire grate.The fire grate will be brought by the chain at front axis device and moved towards back and coal will be brought into furnace and fired gradually and burnt out and finally discharged into back ash bunker.The combustion processing in chain furnace has region characteristic.In general it can be divided into combustion heating and drying region,volatile depostion and combustion region,coke oxidization region,ash burnt out region and coke reducing region. Each region will be carried out along with the length of fire grate. Being existed region characteristic of fire grate combustion processing,in general adapting to send air to each region. The air chamber is divided into several sections along with the length of fire grate.The air amount to be sent can be adjusted by air adjusting baffle separately.

    Arch: there is "arch" at middle part of hearth. Through analysis of the combustion process of chain fire grate it can be known that even if adapts to send air to each region,the component of smoke gases at upper parts of fire bed is uneven and exists superfluous air at both ends of fire grate and appears unavoidably reducing region at middle part and produce plenty of combusible gases.These combustible gases and ash should be combusted at hearth fully.One purpose to set the arch is just to make that these combustible gases can be mixed with superfluous air well and promote them to combust fully. Moreover because the ablaze condition of coal in chain furnace is poor,it relies the radiation of high temperature smoke gases to ignite coal, so it is necessary to use the arch to organize the flow and radiation of high temperature smoke gases in hearth in order to guarantee that coal can be fired in time .

Technical Parameter of Chain grate stoker

Steam Capacity (T/H)










Heat Output (MW)










Grate Area (M2)










Fuel Type

1. Soft coal

2. Anthracite and soft coal mixed